Deliver high quality products, services & solutions on time and on budget.


Strive for excellence in our work & give customers the attention they deserve.


Establish a working enviroment that supports production of high quality products & services.

Business Ethics

Maintaining a safe & healthy enviroment for all staff including Management.

Silver Falcon Enterprises LLC.

Silver Falcon Enterprises LLC is a multi-disciplinary outsourcing services company Focused in the following disciplines Aviation, Logistics, Environment, Construction, IT, and Education.

Our Services

Aviation Solutions

Silver Falcon provides a wide range of Consultancy and Training Services to companies and organizations operating in the aviation industry in Oman.

Construction Solutions

Our approach is based on working from a technical standpoint and dedicated to customer satisfaction

Logistics Solutions

At Silver Falcon Enterprises we enable manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers gain competitive advantages through optimal transportation management

Environmental Solutions

Our solution to Proper Waste Disposal management system is the OZONATOR NG 1000.

IT Solutions

N-CORE is the leading software solution for the codification and cataloging of military material for NATO Codification Bureaus

Waterproofing solutions

In 2010 Koslex Bauchemie AG of Germany appointed Silver Falcon Enterprises LLC as the exclusive agent for Sultanate of Oman Territory

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”